Community Arts Board

The mission of the Arts Board is to plan, foster, encourage and promote fine arts, performing arts, community enhancement programs, and other artistic and cultural activities; with the purpose of enriching the lives of Clinton City residents.
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A woman paints on a table with donuts in front of her.

The Reasons For A Community Arts Board

  • The fine arts, performing arts, and other uplifting social activities enrich peoples’ lives and in general assist the education process
  • Community programs providing opportunities for personal growth and expression build individual character and help empower community spirit
  • The Clinton City Council is desirous to commence programs and activities of such caliber so as to provide another local source of enrichment to the local residents


There shall be a Community Arts Board established consisting of 7 volunteer members, each of whom shall be appointed to serve by the Mayor, with the advice and consent of the City Council. Each member shall be appointed for 2 years, except that 3 of the initial members shall be appointed to serve for 1 year.


The Arts Board is requesting residents interested in participating on or with the new Community Arts Board to fill out an application and if desired, add a resume.

If you're interested, please save the application to your computer, fill it out, and email the application along with a resume, or send/drop it off to:
City Arts Board Application
2267 N 1500 West
Clinton. UT 84015
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