What is the best choice of drinking water: bottled or tap water?
The answer is clear: tap water! That's because our water is of excellent quality, strictly monitored, and affordable.

When we look at issues such as quality, monitoring and affordability, we see that bottled water doesn't always make the grade. For instance, some brands may be of excellent quality, but others can have inferior quality or they may be simply taken from municipal water supplies. And all bottled waters are expensive. For the price of one small bottle of water, you would be able to buy about 750 gallons of Clinton City tap water. There is also less environmental impact with tap water, having no plastic waste to dispose of.

Another important fact: there are fewer government regulations to guide the bottled water industry. Monitoring requirements aren't as stringent as are those for tap water. For quality, consistency and affordability, tap water wins every time.

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