Can I have a Recreation or Cooking Fire on my property?
Yes, but you must meet the following conditions.

1. The fire pit must be kept under 4' in diameter and the pile height under 2'.
2. Fire pits must be kept a minimum of 25' from all structures and other combustibles, including property lines.
3. Only use clean dry wood. NO TRASH or YARD WASTE.
4. Must be constantly attended by a person 18 years of age or older.
5. Must have a bucket of water, water hose or other means to extinguish.
6. Must be solely for cooking or recreational purposes.
7. Must own the property or have written permission from the property owner to conduct the fire.

If open burning creates a public hazard, the on-duty fire officer has the authority to have the fire extinguished. When weather or other conditions make Recreational or Cooking fires a hazard, such as winds, etc., the officer on duty may deny all fire requests.

It is strongly recommended that you contact the Fire Department at 801-614-0840 before starting a recreational or cooking fire.

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