Emergency Food Supply

Why You Need An Emergency Food Supply
In an emergency such as a large earthquake, food suppliers such as grocery stores will probably sustain heavy damage and will not be available for several days. Roads may be blocked and extended power outages could occur. Fill-up your car with fuel at a half tank. Gas stations will probably be able to provide service until electricity is restored.

How to Prepare

Prepare an emergency food supply that will last each individual several days or as much as a week. Use foods that your family likes. Canned foods, dry mixes, dehydrated fruit, etc., normally used will do just fine. Try for a balanced meal approach.

Do not forget a manual can opener in the event of a power outage. Foods stored in dark, cool areas last longer. Rotate food items from storage at least once or twice a year to avoid spoilage and to keep freshness. It may be helpful to write the date on the items the day they were stored. Keep on hand an extra propane tank for your BBQ

Food in Refrigerators and Freezers

Perishable foods such as milk, meats, etc., that are normally stored under refrigeration will spoil quickly without it. Foods in freezers can last several days without power if the door is left closed.

What Not To Do

If perishable foods lose refrigeration and become warm, do not use. Bacteria grow rapidly without refrigeration, and may cause food poisoning.

If canned foods have been damaged and are bulging or leaking do not use.

Do not use
food from open containers where broken glass is present, or where household chemicals have spilled.

Unsealed containers and those that have been punctured by rodents or have rodent dropping should not be used.

There are several reputable suppliers of prepared emergency food supplies for individuals, families and business. Check your Yellow Pages for a distributor nearest you.

After an earthquake, be prepared for aftershocks, and plan where you will take cover when they occur!

People are most frequently injured by falling objects during and shortly after the earthquake and cuts from broken glass especially on the hands and feet.