Burial Plot$500$600
Perpetual Care Fund$400$1000
*Interment (Monday - Friday before 3 p.m.)$300$1200
*Interment (after 3 p.m., weekends and holidays)$300 plus an additional $100 per hr after 3pm$1200 plus an additional $100 per hr after 3pm
*Internment (Saturdays & Holidays) est. 2022Fees listed above plus $200Fees listed above plus $200
Dis-interment (Monday - Friday before 3 p.m. only)$1000$1200
Administrative Fee$50$100
Columbarium1/2 Creamain(s)
1/2 Cremain(s)
Urn$65 ea*$65 ea*
Memorial Band

Interment Included$100
Infant & Urn (1/2 size)ResidentNon-Resident
Burial Plot$250$300
Perpetual Care Fund$200$500
*Interment (Monday - Friday before 3 p.m.)$150$600
*Interment (after 3 p.m., weekends and holidays)$150 plus $100 per hr after 3pm$600 plus $100 per hr after 3pm
Internment Saturday & HolidaysFees listed above plus $200Fees listed above plus $200
Dis-interment (Monday - Friday before 3 p.m. only)$800$1000
Administrative Fee$50$100
Baby Plot Area (1/4 size) Resident Non-Resident
Burial Plot $125 $150
Perpetual Care Fund $100 $250
*Interment (Monday -Friday before 3 p.m.) $75 $300
*Interment (after 3 p.m., weekends and holidays) $75 plus $100 per hr after 3pm $300 plus $100 per hr after 3 pm
 Internment Saturday & Holidays Fees listed above plus $200 Fees listed above plus $200
Dis-interment (Monday - Friday before 3 p.m. only) $400 $500
Administrative Fee $50 $100

Fee Information

*Interment Fee includes up to 1 hour of stand-by costs for the burial crew. Additional stand-by (waiting) costs shall be billed at $50 per 1/2 hour.

Administrative fees are for re-recording and/or transfers of ownership of plots. Fees for other administrative work required after the initial recording of the plot will be at a rate of $50 per hour (minimum of 1 hour).

Fees for manpower and equipment for any other requested work at the Cemetery beyond the service listed above shall be at a $160 per hour for the crew and equipment (minimum of 1 hour).

Headstone approval is required before they may be placed.

Other Policies:

1)       $1000 fine for setting a headstone without a permit;

2)       City will only move headstone if the monument company has not moved it 24 hrs prior, and the City’s headstone move fee is paid;

3)       Residents can purchase up to two spaces per household – pre-need;

4)       Non-residents can purchase up to two spaces AT NEED ONLY, no pre-need purchase;

5)       Non-residents must pay a deposit guarantee of $1,600 for 2nd space with needed 1st space, the additional interment fees will be paid at current prices when 2nd space is needed;

6)       Special allowance for additional spaces for residents may be made on a case by case basis;

7)       All indigent burials are to utilize the Ossaury.