Tree Limb Recycling

Time & Location

Residents may bring tree branches a maximum of 8" in diameter to the Public Works yard:

  • Located directly east of Walmart
  • Every Monday and Thursday(During the March-November timeframe)
  • 1 - 3 p.m.

Delivery & Unloading

The delivery and unloading of branches will not be provided by Clinton City. Since the materials may eventually pass through a shredder, please bring only the tree branches a maximum of 8" in diameter.


Loads may be inspected before they are accepted. Please contact the Public Works office for further instructions. 801-614-0870.

Note from Public Works Department

We have tried to strike a reasonable balance by providing 2 days of the week where there is a 2 hour period for residence to dump when we assign an employee to be in the rear yard to supervise.

Residents who choose to use this service will save travel time that it would take to get to the County recycle yard. Currently we do not have the budget to hire someone to remain there during the rest of the day nor would it be an efficient use of funds to do so since there is a limited amount of work there to keep an employee busy. It is also terribly inefficient to have another employee leave their assigned duty and accompany someone back and stay while they dump.

There is a small fee to dump green waste at the Davis County recycle facility but it is a really easy to use, efficient operation (even open on Saturdays). They turn the waste into a nice shredded mulch and also a rich compost available to purchase for a very reasonable price.

The other option available to residents who cannot make our yard hours or do not wish to go to the landfill is to use one of 4 community dumpsters in the city at different locations. These locations change 2 times each week so normally one can be found that is close. By our policy we do not give out the location of these dumpsters because most of the time the residence that has one has been on a list and waiting for several weeks, however they are designated for community use.

We also have a spring and fall clean up where we accept almost all debris and waste at the Public Works Yard on a designated Saturday.