Street Maintenance

Clinton City has 81 miles of streets to maintain. The City pays for street maintenance with funds from a variety of sources, including federal and state grants, gas tax revenues and the City's General Fund. Federal and state grants are matched with local funds.

Each year department personnel evaluate roadways and determine the most cost effective treatments. These treatments may be in the form of preventative maintenance procedures, rehabilitation or reconstruction. Since street work is very expensive and the budget is limited, the work must be prioritized. Many factors determine the roadways that are given priority including traffic volume, age of pavement, condition, cost etc.

2016 Road Projects

3000 West Project - 800 N to 1400 N

The asphalt from 1050 North to 1300 North is scheduled to be removed beginning Friday morning.  The removal should be completed on Friday.  The work may temporarily block driveway access for some owners as the equipment moves along the route.  Please use cation when driving through the work zone, as there will be pavement drop offs during removal.

Work on the 3000 West project is continuing between 1300 North and 1050 North.  Utility improvements are being completed at 1300 North and along the east side of 3000 West.  After the utilities are complete the Contractor will prepare the widening area and install new curb and gutter in preparation to fully close 1300 North for concrete pavement installation.  We will provide notifications before closure of 1300 North.  Concrete collars are also being installed around manholes and water valves in areas that were paved last year (300 North to 1050 North).

Park strip landscaping will be continuing with the availability of secondary water.  Home owners are responsible for landscape restoration of landscaping behind the new sidewalk.  If you have questions regarding your landscaping please let me know and we will coordinate with the landscape contractor.  Thank you for your patience as we work toward completing this project.

See the overview showing the areas of 3000 West where access will be impacted here.
See a list of 3000 West traffic routes here.

Sod and sprinklers installation in the park strips will be completed after the secondary water is available in April.

Please use caution in construction areas.  If you have any questions or concerns, please use the contact information below.

 Please contact
Ryan Christensen, PE
Gardner Engineering