Construction Projects

Major Road Construction Project - 3000 W / 4300 W - 1400 N to 6000 S Street Construction Project

Clinton City, in cooperation with Hooper City have developed a street project that will make improvements from 1400 North in Clinton to 6000 South in Hooper/Roy along 3000 / 4300 West.

They will be doing the following changes: 
  • Construct complete street from 2415 North to 6000 South
  • Install curb, gutter, and storm drain in areas where not installed
  • Make significant improvements to the intersection at 2300 North 3000 West
  • Totally reconstruct the existing asphalt
The project will be accomplished in multiple phases and will start this fall/winter and be ongoing into next fall. The City will keep emergency services, garbage pick-up, post office, and Davis School District bus service has been informed of the project. We know that this will be an inconvenience.

Major Road Construction Project - 3000 West – 300 N to 1400 N and 700 S to Bluff Road Street

West Point City with cooperation from Clinton City will be managing a street project to make improvements from 300 North to 1400 North along 3000 West.

West Point isn’t quite as far along with design of their project as Clinton; however they expect to be doing construction during the “construction season” 2015.

Syracuse City will also be accomplishing a project on 3000 West during the “construction season” 2015. The Syracuse project will extend from approximately 700 South to Bluff Road.

UDOT 1800 North Project

1800 North Environmental Impact Statement(EIS)