Treasurer's Office

The Treasurer Department is responsible for controlling the finances of the city. A brief functional description of the operation is given below.

Department Staff

The staff of the department includes:

Receiving Funds and Investments

The Treasurer’s staff receipts all money for the city and accounts for all receipts, making daily deposits to maximize the city’s interest earnings. The general fund checking account and State Treasurer’s Pool are the city’s main investment tools.

Utility Billing

This department creates and maintains all customer utility files. Customers are billed monthly for usage of culinary water, sewer, garbage, secondary water, and storm drain services. It ensures that all payments are made in a timely manner. When payments become delinquent, necessary action is taken to collect, including (but not limited to) directing the Public Works Dept. to shut off culinary water and sending accounts to collections.


The general ledger and all subsidiary budget ledgers are maintained by the Department.   The Finance Specialist prepares financial reports based on sound financial transactions and accounting entries.  An annual audit is conducted by an independent firm to assure to the City Council and City Manager that all records are properly recorded.


The Payroll Technician is responsible for the preparation of biweekly payroll, payroll reports/statements, deposits and for keeping records of wage costs allocated to each department.

We continue to have an exceptional group of individuals who are dedicated to putting forth their greatest efforts in serving the public.


Each individual of the Treasurer Department staff is continually meeting new challenges and tasks within their positions as the City continues to grow and develop and has elected to follow the same solemn commitment as quoted by the Young Men of Athens, and that is:

"We will never bring disgrace on this our City by an act of dishonesty or cowardice. We will fight for the ideals and sacred things of the City, both alone and with many. We will revere and obey the City’s laws, and will do our best to incite a like reverence and respect in those above us who are prone to annul them or set them at naught. We will strive increasingly to quicken the public sense of civic duty. Thus in all these ways we will transmit this City, not lessened, but greater and more beautiful than it was transmitted to us."

Each year we pledge to provide our support and most excellent commitment to Clinton City.